Is It Actually A Dream Home ?

You know what your dream is, your perfect vision for the perfect house in Spain to be the base of a fresh lifestyle in the sun. You are probably sitting at home looking at potential rental properties on website after website. Drooling over one magnificent looking villa or apartment in Spain after the other.

But we all know pictures can be deceiving. The rental agent may have taken the charming picture of the glorious Spanish garden with palm trees, a pool and an outdoor kitchen at just the right angle to avoid revealing the shopping mall, motorway or other unpleasantnesses just behind it. A wide angel lens may have made the tiny cupboard of a lounge look like a ballroom. The mold running down the wall may just have missed the picture to make room for the stunning view towards the patio.

Obviously, actually heading to all the properties you are interested in will reveal the thin layer of make-up applied to run-down properties in unattractive locations, however many an immigration to Spain has been enacted without a previous viewing of the rental property due to time constraints or the logistics involved. It goes without saying that taking a working holiday in the area you consider moving to is preferential. Though, even if you do decide to view all properties carefully in advance – wouldn’t it be nice to be able to narrow down the attractive ones and allow yourself more time to visit and view the attractive options?

The way forward is to insist on proper, honest and thorough video footage of the rental properties before booking a viewing. Several agents do their own videos these days. Sometimes they are spot on and helpful, at other times they conveniently show a quick panorama of the good bits but fail to take you on an actual guided tour of the property. Don´t let them fool you and never settle for second best. If the agent chooses not to provide you with a complete view of the property, why could that possible be? Laziness? Something to hide? Do you really wanna waste your precious time finding out, when you could in fact be out finding the perfect future home for your family instead?

Of course not. Go with the rental agents who provide a proper service and are not afraid to give you an honest demonstration of the qualities of their properties. .

Here is an example of how a property presentation video can be done in a way that benefits the potential tenant by taking him all around the property in a series of video slides:

This one is from a villa in Javea Spain. They can be done as actual videos, a mix of video and photos or a thorough selection of photographs from around the property. We would suggest specifically looking for the agents using Property Videos Spain as they have a reputation for making not only eye-catching presentations to get the properties rented, but also for doing so in a transparent way that gives the potential tenant a clear view of the upsides as well as downsides to the properties.

As a further bonus, the Javea rental agents using the services of Property Videos Spain will be able to supply a complete property inventory video, which is something you should always ask for when renting – it saves alot of potential hassle, frustration and expense when the exact inventory and state of the villa at the time of moving in is documented in a way that can not be brought into dispute by either side later.