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New Spanish Immigration Laws

New Spanish immigration laws for EU citizens have come into force in July 2012. First and foremost the laws tighten you can obtain permanent residency in Spain and on what terms. How does it affect you and your plans to obtain a dream home in Spain?

The most likely answer is: It doesn’t!

Hefty debate is ongoing about the new laws restricting EU citizens from settling in Spain. Is it the first step towards Spain leaving the EU? Is it a violation of the Schengen treaty? These may be future legal battles and/or polemic political debates, but the effect on you as a future home owner in Spain is likely to be minimal.

What the new law states as requirements for permanent residence in Spain:

  • You must be self supporting (Job, Pension, Self employed) or
  • Have sufficient means in the bank / other assets and
  • Have valid health care (private or public from your country of origin)

In other words, you can´t move to Spain and immediately sponge off the social system there. But then, were you really planning to?

If you are looking for a future dream home in Spain for your family to have as a base for a new life, you either have the cash to buy that house, a sufficiently good finances to secure a mortgage for it or at the very least enough money for a deposit and moving costs for a rental villa. That almost certainly means you have a way of supporting yourself … and if not, you should probably reconsider the move anyway.

Do as you always would. Find your preferred area, locate the property of your dreams and plan for the future ahead. The law says you have to be able to support yourself to realize your dream of a life in Spain – but it wouldnt be much of a life if you couldnt, would it? Theres a more thorough review of the new immigration law and its consequences for future expats in Spain here: Jávea Spain: Moving To Spain / A New Livelihood

Iron Art – Charity & Furniture Fiesta

On Saturday the 16th of June, 10:00am until 4:00pm, you should put everything aside to go to the Summer Fair at Iron Art in Gata De Gorgos. The event is a charity held by Women in Business to support shelters, which obviously is a noble cause in itself and worthy of your support, but as a furniture enthusiast in Spain this is most definitely one not to be missed.


Iron Art in Gata De Gorgos have a huge area equipped with stylish displays of unique and high quality furniture for your Spanish home and garden. Beautiful gazebos, high quality patio sets and decorations to make any garden shine are just a few of the excellent offerings from Iron Art themselves. But on Saturday, all that is topped up by the summer fair that sports more than 40 stalls full of interesting items to stroll around and enjoy.

Women In Business are having a Summer Fair in order to raise funds for Victims of Domestic Violence in the Marina Alta area. They will be over 40 stalls and entertainment through out the day…if you wish to have a stand to promote your business please contact [email protected] for further details or if you wish to be on stage contact [email protected]

Do not cheat yourself of this furniture fiesta with plenty of extra activities for the entire family!