IKEA Javea Services – Reviews Part 2

Hello again dear reader and let me say firstly that my furniture is delivered and built and looks fab and groovy. IKEA Spain are just great value for money and it’s so cool when you don’t have to go there! I must get onto the task in hand and tell you all about those little extras, which really made my buying decision a simple one, and yes, I will tell you at the end who I went with, so you now MUST read on!
IKEA Prices – Flatpaxabia will not pass any discounts they get at IKEA back to you, but Easy Flatpax say they will, if they can get them.

Flatpaxabia say they won’t take anything back to IKEA if it’s damaged, unless it’s in its original packaging. They also charge 25€ for this, plus if you happen to live outside their area, 1€ per kilometer outside. Easy Flatpax’s view on this was kinder, in that they can’t guarantee IKEA will take back damaged items if not in the original packaging, but will try for you, and this is a free service with no apparent mileage charges either if you live outside their area.

Both company’s state that IKEA will not be held responsible for their workmanship. I guess that’s a fair point as neither are IKEA companies.

ikea javea services

As I understand it now, IKEA runs a tight ship and stocks are kept to ‘optimal’ levels, via a very sophisticated computer system. It messes up however on occasion, and they run out of items. Flatpaxabias view on this is that they’ll shop for you twice, and if a third delivery is required they make a surcharge of 25€. Easy Flatpax just carry on shopping for however long it takes for items to come back into stock, or you change your mind. They don’t have any surcharges on extra deliveries.

If you forget and happen to be out when Flatpaxabia call to deliver to you they charge an extra 25€ plus their distance surcharge. Easy Flatpax call you before making the delivery to make sure you’ve remembered. They don’t charge any extras if you still forget!

To get your order booked into the Flatpaxabia diary, a deposit is required, whereas Easy Flatpax claim to go to IKEA Murcia more frequently so will always make room. A deposit is also required by them, but only if your order is over 1000€.

I checked their standard areas and they seem almost identical. If it were me, and I lived outside their areas, I’d call both to see who will do a deal without the extra surcharge…

furniture delivery price spain

I hold my hands up. Yep, I’m a facebook fan. I’m hooked, I love it and hate it too. It takes up so much time. I looked both businesses up. For what its worth, Easy Flatpax are very active and even have a full time inhouse facebook specialist, which is good to see. Flatpaxabia do have a link on their website, but it doesn’t work. So I guess they’re not fans then?

I looked into the backgrounds of both of these businesses from an overhead point of view. Flatpaxabia, bizarrely operate not from Javea, as I said, but from what looks to be rather expensive shop premises in Benitachell. Also bizarrely, the shop is only open in the mornings… business must be good! Easy Flatpax have no discernable overhead like this.

If you want a sofa, a fridge or other large object, easy flatpax say they will deliver this within their standard tariff. Flatpaxabia make a 25€ per item charge, although they do say this might not apply to all items.

Both claim to speak English (which is handy for me) and Spanish. Easy Flatpax seems to be the linguistic experts as they also speak Italian and French in-house with Swedish, Danish and German speakers on hand if necessary.

Yet again, our comparative review tilts towards awarding the Best IKEA Delivery Service from Murcia, Spain to Easy Flatpax, but we still have more areas to explore – watch this space for the next part of the review digging even deeper!