Review of IKEA Delivery Services in Spain

The problems with shopping for furniture these days are many fold. Firstly you need to know where to go, secondly what to buy and finally, how to get it home. I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of guy that likes to know I am getting value for money so it was with some trepidation I discussed IKEA as an option for some pieces of furniture I was in dire need of. I say trepidation because the thought of hauling all the way to IKEA Murcia from Javea, was really going to be the biggest pain in the, well you know where!

One of my pals, over a beer one night told me he had heard of this company who will do your shopping at IKEA Murcia for you! This appeared far too good to be true so I checked out the worlds favourite search engine, Google and he was right. In fact there are two businesses. Flatpaxabia who rather oddly are based in Benitachell, not Javea (Xabia), and some new boys on the block called Easy Flatpax, who are based in Javea.

ikea delivery spain

Well I thought, I like to write so I felt a ‘review’ coming on. Let’s have a bit of fun and compare the two businesses, see which one is best. Then I can inform you the reader and get me some furniture as well without too much hassle… I hope!

Here we go then. My shopping list was identical for both and not unreasonably the IKEA portion of my final bill was going to be the same ie 753.43€. The difference showed immediately with the shopping and delivery charges.

Flatpaxabia was 175.00€ whilst Easy Flatpax’s charge for this came out at 131.85€. Ok, so a difference of 43.15€ or you could say Flatpaxabia was 33% dearer which is quite a bit. I’d rather be spending my 43.15€ on another beer or two, wouldn’t you?

IKEA Javea Review

I also then compared prices on assembly. Now, not everything I wanted needed assembly so it only came to 2.75 hours. I have to admit I did not ask Flatpaxabia for a quote as I assumed they would both be similar, so assuming the hours to assemble were identical, again Flatpaxabia were dearer 55.00€ as against 41.25€. If I went with Easy Flatpax, by now I’d have an extra 56.90€ in my pocket.

For this first part of our comparative review it would appear the Easy Flatpax – IKEA Javea Delivery service is a relatively clear winner. However, this is primarily based on the pricing levels. In my next article, I compare all the hidden extras so read on and several other related services – does the table turn ?