Bringing IKEA Spain To You!

Its no secret that we have a secret admiration for IKEA furniture and had a little bounce about when the Swedish champions on Nordic design opened the IKEA Murcia Spain furniture store to finally give us all easy access to their goodies. As you have probably noticed Spanish villas tend to have a very special Mediterranean architecture full of white stone walls, giant windows to the world and rooms with loads of space (they entirely ignore insulation though usually) . It makes furnishing a Spanish villa quite a difficult task as few things live up to the spacious and light atmosphere of the building, which is why bringing your heavy northern furniture with you when immigrating is typically a misplaced mistake. Traditional English furniture simply looks out of place, too heavy and dark, for most Spanish dream homes, sea side Costa Blanca villas or penthouse apartments by the sandy beaches.

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A bit of a surprise really that the answer is found in the Swedish forests! But it is. When IKEA opened in Murcia Spain alot of people reckoned they were headed for failure as the taste in light and soft furnishings on the Costa Blanca, Costa Del Sol and Costa Calida simply would not match the offerings of Northern European designs. The predictions were proved entirely wrong and you could easily grab an IKEA assembly service job by simply standing outside the warehouse and do furniture assembly for the thousands of daily shoppers, Spanish as well as expatriates, running in and out of the store with classy new items for their stylish Villas in Spain or newly renovated apartments by the beach.

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Murcia itself is a very attractive city and shopping in Murcia is a wonderful experience far surpassing most areas of Spain. The enormity of the Murcia shopping areas are boosted by the thousands of British, German and Scandinavian expats living in the area and a local Spanish population with a distinguished taste for filling the trolleys with everything the heart could desire from the shopping mecca. Obviously, the downside to the magnificent scale of the shopping in Murcia experience is exactly the attraction of it. The shops and warehouses tend to be full of busy shoppers, the pace is high and the stress levels may reach dangerous levels as you battle your way past eager families getting emergency supplies for luxury holidays, pensioners perfecting their retirement villas on the Costa Calida or gangs of Spanish friends diving into the wonders of Swedish design with a passion normally reserved for fiestas and football.

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Avoiding the stress and turmoil of shopping in Murcia can be partly achieved by heading for the area outside of rush hours, avoiding school holidays or weekends. However if IKEA service in Murcia is what you are after, even these precautions are often in vain as the popularity of the warehouse simply exceeds its current capacity. If you need staff support, have a flatpack to be replaced or come hunting for specific items that may be sold out – theres a fairly high risk you are in for hours of frustration and disappointments.

If you want to make sure your time is spent wisely on tapas, fiestas and sunbathing on the beach, the thing to do often is to choose the items you desire from the comfort of your home and order them via a IKEA delivery and assembly services. It may sound like an unnecessary luxury but having someone shopping on your behalf, handling replacements, assembling your IKEA furniture for you really saves a lot of time and hassle, which means you can relax and use your time on other things.

Hopefully this little guide to shopping for furniture in IKEA Spain, furnishing your Spanish dream home and relieving the stress of IKEA furniture assembly has inspired you to make an extra effort improving your home in Spain. At Dream Home Spain we would love to see pictures or videos of how you have arranged yourself, what furniture you have chosen and how the atmosphere of your decorations work in your villa or apartment. You are always welcome to mail us with photographs from your Spanish furnishings or to get feedback on ideas for the most suitable furniture for your specific casa.

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