Dream Homes For Sale – Making An Offer !

The listed price is NEVER carved in solid stone, make offers – negotiate – haggle. You may be in love with your dream home, but there is absolutely no reason to pay over the odds! The current Spanish property market is extremely hungry for buyers, take advantage of it and secure yourself a good price on the property you want. The money saved can be put to good use furnishing and decorating your Spanish home!

I would open the offers at round 60% at the moment on a generic property … I know, cheeky and that, but I would reckon a lot of sellers are fairly flexible at the moment … so landing the negotiation at about 75%-80% perhaps would be my aim. But of course it depends – some properties are listed as desperate sales at rock bottom prices and probably have little leeway, others seemingly haven’t had their pricing updated since 2007 and would need 50% off before negotiations could even start …

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